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Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Eggs 1g

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Product Specification black soldier fly seed 1g:
Type: Black soldier fly
Stage: Eggs
Condition: fresh eggs
Size: Very Small Eggs
Use for: Breeding livestock
Origin: Lagos, Magbon – Nigeria

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Black Soldier Fly Eggs Weight: 1g
Buying BSF eggs at our farm is a superb way for you  to start building your personal BSF farm. The BSF is a naturally nutritious, protein-packed, high Lipids, calcium-rich treat advantageous to the animal. Our BSF are farming from Lagos  – Nigeria, where in actuality the soil & climate is ideal for them. We are a specialized supplier of black soldier fly products in Nigeria.

Product Specification black soldier fly seed 10g:
Type: Black soldier fly
Stage: Eggs
Condition: fresh eggs
Size: Very Small Eggs
Use for: Breeding stock
Origin: Lagos, Magbon – Nigeria

Grams have been in BSF egg: 0.027 mg /1 egg
More details: 10 grams: ~ 370,000 eggs (0.027mg / 1 egg). 1 gram of eggs produce about 30000 – 37000 larvae. Eggs are healthy, from flies that feed them Hatch rate is dependent upon hatching conditions. Ideal hatching conditions result in a greater hatch rate. If you intend to Buy BSF eggs in Nigeria Please Contact Us! Our BSF Farm Have High-Quality Black soldier fly eggs for sale.


Products Highlights

Product Detail Information Black Soldier Fly Eggs 1g from Our BSF Farm are of top quality, with a guarantee of hatching time. 1g of eggs create about 30000 – 37000 larvae. Our breed flies are healthy and raised beneath the optimum conditions to lay eggs. Buying BSF eggs at our farm is a good way for you  to start building your personal BSF farm. We’re a specialized supplier of black soldier fly products in Nigeria. The black soldier fly is no invasive species. If they reach adult BSF, they don’t  have mouthparts, they could not eat or bite. They survive and count on the nutrients they gathered as larvae. They’re also not disease vectors. They cannot transfer diseases or parasites as mosquitos or ticks do.

Black soldier fly life cycle – 1g of BSF eggs create about 30000 – 37000 BSF larvae
How Do I hatch BSF eggs?
Incubating BSF eggs is generally an easy & easy process. Finished remembering to not over-complicate things. You will find only some heads-ups to note. Let’s check the method out now. It is simple to hatch BSF eggs at home. Should you choose the best routine, then hatching Black Soldier fly eggs can lead to a greater hatch rate.

You will find 3 basic steps to incubating black soldier fly eggs the following:
Create and prepare a nest of BSFL eggs.
incubating black soldier fly eggs in Nigeria
Put the eggs properly in the nest.
Produce a BSF egg-friendly incubation environment.
However, should you feel that hatching Black Soldier Fly eggs are problematic for you, then choose the black soldier fly larvae (4-day-old black soldier fly larvae) to breed on your own farm.

Black Soldier Fly Eggs Grade SS High-Quality

How Long Till Black Soldier Fly Eggs Hatch Into larvae?
About 1 – 3 days! The eggs you bought will hatch within 1-3 days after receiving them. You need to start to see the eggs turn only a little darker, the eggs are very fluffy and lighter, which really is a good sign that the BSF eggs are hatching. Once the larvae hatch, they’re extremely small and can not be seen with the naked eye. So let them have food and then wait 3 more days ahead of the eggs hatch and you need to be in a around to see them crawling everywhere.

How Much Will You Harvest With 10g Eggs?
Just 10 grams of eggs will yield 300,000 – 370,000 larvae. After 2 weeks of eating the meals, they’ll have 52 kg -> 91 kg mature BSF larvae.

5 Cheap foods Ideas for the Black Soldier Fly or Larvae Simple to Find:

Coffee grounds.
Rotten Organic: Fruits, vegetables, tubers…
Food Waste (Leftover Food)
Animal Manure: pig, chicken, cow.
Soybeans, corn, potatoes

Which livestock Can Eat BSF Larvae?
The BSF larvae can serve as feed for fish, poultry, pigs, chickek. They may also be fed to pets, dogs, cats, small mammals, poultry, songbirds, insectivorous fish, lizards… Along with that, the black soldier fly eggs presents a significant possibility for human consumption. BSF Larvae are Full of protein and beneficial omega-6 & 9 fatty acids, they could raise your pet’s health. It’s preferred by naturally insectivorous animals.

Black Soldier Fly Eggs Farm In Lagos, Nigeria

AfriSmartFarms – is a brand name focusing on the production, distribution for local consumption, and export of agricultural products in Nigeria. We have a Black soldier fly farm in Lagos and a catfish-growing area in the same state.

We are a supply partner for all customers from all over the 36 states of Nigeria. Besides, we likewise have a group of staff with a long time of experience in large processing factories in Nigeria.

We are not competing with the local market. We are focused on replacing all the foreign imports in protein meals as a source of feed for livestock. If you want to be part of this protein revolution, you are free to join us. In the main time, feel free to book or buy our eggs organically for your livestock. Supply is limited to those with livestock farms only.

Please contact us if you will need a steady supply of Products from Black Soldier Fly.



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