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Smoked Cooked Dried Catfish – SZ3

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The Cooked Dried Smoked Catfish  is suitable for many Nigerian delicacies. For instance it is suitable for Efo Riro, efo egusi, Egusi Soup, and fish Stew


Smoked Cooked Dried Catfish at a pretty low temperature for 4 days from Lagos, Nigeria. It is very tasty and delicious. The Size 3 package includes 2 pieces weighing about 400 grams. Each order is carefully prepared and packaged for you. The catfish has been smoked in a closed oven grill of pure stainless steel which is according to the recommended standard by NAFDAC. The Cooked Smoked Dried Catfish is suitable for many Nigerian delicacies. Take for instance, it is suitable for Efo Riro, efo egusi, Egusi Soup, and fish Stew. Ingredients used are ginger, pepper, salt, and curry. Cooked, Smoked, and dried catfish also known as Eja Obokun is a delicacy and can be added to stews and vegetable soups such as soups, pepper soup, stew, etc. Well packaged to retain freshness and deliciousness.


What’s a catfish?

Catfish are freshwater fish that’s heads looking like cats for their whiskers. Hence, the name catfish. You can find several types of catfish, a few of them such as Clarias African catfish, bullhead catfish, and walking catfish. However, the channel catfish, the Mud clarias catfish, and the Clariidae family catfish are the most typical and most desired in the Federal republic of Nigeria.

These fish are extremely delicious to consume, whichever way you select to get them redy. They are often cooked, fried, or smoked. Among the many ways and shapes these fish might take, the smoked type is surely going to delight you. 700


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