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Solar Standing Fan Nigeria – Sale

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The battery can last for 6 – 8 hours and may be charged via the solar panel or you need to use the plug adapter also.


A regular Solar Standing Fan Nigeria variant may be used anywhere you need it. It’s very portable with 3 different fan speeds in order to choose your desired breeze speed. The fan includes a wide angle that the airflow can reach. 

The fan can take between 3 – 5 hours to charge concerning the weather conditions.  The battery can last for 6 – 8 hours and may be charged via the solar panel or you need to use the plug adapter also.

What to think about when purchasing a Solar Standing Fan Nigeria 

You will find key factors you must consider when purchasing the most readily useful rechargeable fan for your property or workplace.

1) Capacity and duration of charging

Charging duration and capacity are essential considerations when purchasing any solar equipment. The top solar-powered fans will manage to store and conserve lots of energy. You should make sure they can function for provided that possible.

For example, since they can carry a better charge, batteries like lithium-ion (Li-ion) are suited to high-drain devices like fans. But in comparison to other battery types, for example, lead acid batteries, it recharges faster.

 2) Dimensions, Physical traits, and components


Constantly give preference to any component that’s a lengthier manufacturer’s guarantee. Especially when it concerns the components that the fans are composed of. Make sure to choose a fan with a good IP rating as well. The warranty is a reliable sign of the producers’ confidence in their goods. Additionally, you can rely upon it to be dust and water-proof as a result of the IP classification.

3) Maximum airflow volume (CFM)

Air circulation volume, which can be commonly expressed in cubic feet each minute, is the first consideration (CFM). This demonstrates just how much air the fan can circulate through it at once. This 1 will assist in determining if the device has sufficient power to hold out its function.

4) Energy use (watts) hourly or daily

Low wattage and effective energy consumption are characteristics of the best solar-powered fans. Solar panel fans must be easy to put in so that you need to use them if you want. Consequently, before committing to any purchases, research which versions are indeed the most effective choice.

5) Coverage range

The maximum solar-powered fan could have an air-distribution reach that can encompass the location you intend to cover.

6) Sound volume

A respectable solar fan will operate peacefully so you may have a refreshing breeze. You’ll have the ability to try this without interfering along with your want to relax and just be.


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