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Gas Carburetor 2.5kva-12kva: Power Your Generator with Cooking Gas

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Generator with Gas Carburetor 2.5kva-12kva noise/sound is reduced by 30-50% based on age, label of gen and load
– Additionally it is eco-friendly. Gen stops smoking entirely
– Engine oil lasts longer before getting dirty

– Your Generator with Cooking Gas Servicing frequency is reduced
– Gas is cheaper and always available –

– Tested and confirmed okay, and currently being used ​in our office and home
– 12.5kg gas of N7,000 provides you with 40-50hrs of electricity on 2.5Kva gen
– that’s about N55.00/hr or 10days, in the event that you run gen for max of 5hrs/day The technology is merely a straightforward to set up hybrid carburetor that converts your existing petrol generator to also operate on domestic cooking gas.

Anyone who can loosen a bolt, can remove your existing carburetor and install it  for you. You can engage a mechanic, including apprentice, to simply help with the installation. We sell the most advanced version of the unit allowing you switch between petrol and gas = LPG or CNG, based on what’s open to you.

The Technology isn’t compatible for ‘I better pass my Neighbour’- the tiniest tiger gen

We supply on first pay, first get basis, as we’ve a huge selection of orders daily – usually more orders than available stock. The unit isn’t compatible for’I better pass my Neighbour’- the tiniest tiger gen– and gens with capacities above 10kva. Yamaha generators will also be not compatible.

List of the things Needed to Power Your Generator with Gas Carburetor 2.5kva-12kva

12.5Kg Cylinda and Gas
Gas regulator
3 yard Gas hose
2 Clips
Propane (Cooking Gas) Carburator


Safety concerns:  Many Nigerians are so afraid of gas, as some think it might cause explosion, but I don’t blame them. It’s insufficient research and limited knowledge, which suggests why most Nigerians still don’t use gas cookers at home. The fact is a working propane gas cylinder on generator is safer than running it on cookers. Cookers naturally generate flame – naked fire-, yet don’t cause explosions, while the cylinders are made to take care of the generated flame, whereas your gen doesn’t generate flame.

Again, if there is a leakage from your own cylinder/hose in your kitchen, gas can simply accumulate and any ignition may cause fire, being that the kitchen is a housing, whereas your gen and cylinder, being outside, has adequate ventilation, that may naturally circulate away any leaked gas – reducing the riskk of fire and explosion, in case there is fire ignition. Although we recommend you keep your gen and cylinders outdoors in order to avoid overhearing, and work with a hose of 3-5 yards. Also, avoid having your gen in a group of running gens, like we’ve in certain apartments.


Although our carburetors have as much as 6yrs lifespan, we give 1yr warranty + free* replacement spareparts in the unlikely event of damage to the main product. We also boast of the most experienced engineers always willing to greatly help out customers needing technical support. We’ll encourage one to prevent the temptation of buying the cheap and fake ones out there. They consume so much gas/petrol and expose one to danger, too

What Do I have to get to Power my Generator with Cooking Gas ?
Please take note that you are only paying for the Technology and service to fix it in Lagos. Transport fair within Lagos is free of charge, to other state is Negociable. You will have to get the following items:

12.5Kg Cylinda and Gas
Gas regulator
3 yard Gas hose
2 Clips


What am I paying for ?

You are paying for  Propane (Cooking Gas) Carburator 2.5kva – 3.5kva, Transport within Lagos and service charge.


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