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Send money to Nigeria within minutes. You can now send money to any bank in Nigeria within minutes free of charge !


Send Money To Nigeria Service
Introducing AfriShopOnline  money transfer service. You can now send money to any Bank in Nigeria from any part of the world using, direct deposit or wire transfer. The Minimum amount of money you can send is 50 EUR.

See Charges bellow.

18000 – 360,000  Free
360,000 – 1,800,000  1.4%
1,800,000 – 18,000,000 1.4%

50 -1000EUR/USD/GBP    ==> Free
1000-5000EUR/USD/GBP==> 1.4%
5000 – 10,000   ==> 5%

For more info on the current exchange rate, Please email transfer(@)

Fundamentally money transfer to Nigeria and other places in the world is exchanging cash electronically starting with one bank account then onto the next. With a bank to bank strategy for online cash exchange, no genuine physical money have been exchanged, just the electronic parities are balanced. This is a quick and advantageous approach to send money to your family in Nigeria vice versa.

Situations, for example, the money getting lost or postponed can have some genuine outcomes depending on how gravely the money is required. Previously, sending money to your family was never a simple errand and can be truly a hassle.
Be that as it may, as innovation advances, many things and undertakings have been disentangled and made more advantageous for us. What’s more, that includes the way we send money to our family and friends. For more info on how to Send money to Nigeria or receive,  please feel free to contact us.

VIBER: +380 631 990 686
WHATSAPP: +380 631 990 686
BBM: D1F66902
FB – @afrishoponline
TW – @afrishoponlinen


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