1kg Fish Food Artemia Cysts (Brine Shrimp Eggs)

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1000g Artemia Cysts (Brine shrimp eggs) for Catfish fries, aquarium fish tank or new born fish.


Artemia Cysts guarantees minimum hatch-out of 241,000 nauplii (baby brine shrimp) per gram of cysts carrying out a 24 hour incubation period. This equates to a hatch-out of 88% and is on the basis of the most rigorous sampling and testing protocol on the market! Feel confident purchasing brine shrimp eggs from us.  Eggs have been tested, are stored in a temperature-controlled (40 degrees F) warehouse, and packaged on demand.

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High quality Artemia Cysts (Brine shrimp eggs) 88% hatch rate
Used to feed all kinds of small baby tropical fish like guppy, betta, Catfish e.t.c
Can also be feed to salty marine fish
There are 2 kinds of brine shrimp eggs.
The unhatched Artemia Cysts and decapsulated one, Artemia cysts can be hatched, need to hatch with hatchery tool.

See the video below a sample of the outcome from 10g hatched Artemia Cysts in Nigeria.


Minimum order – 1kg.
After placing your order, contact the phone number bellow for more info.

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